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              Co-construction   Co-creation   Sharing  Win-win

              Three Reasons to Choose Sitech




               Leading cloud platform and big data

              Imported products


              Edge calculation and knowledge map

              Dozens of high-end imported brand products for
              smart substation, intelligent power distribution room.


              Self-developed products


              Cloud、edge、end collaboration smart device

              modular design 、 specialized knowledge in power industry 、 solutions 



              Focusing on the high-voltage power industry for
              thirteen years, and rise abruptly based on its
              accumulated strength.


              Standardized service process, first-class service ability.


              Imported products


              More than 10 industries
              More than 2,000 project experiences

              Recruitment of Xun Electric Partners

              Smart power utilization and industrial engergization, and build the first
              community of power distribution intelligent operation and maintenance.

              Recruitment object : enterprises that have resources and are willing to do operation and maintenance of power distribution, such as engineering companies, power sales companies, etc. 

              Telephone : 029-81877321

              Recruitment details :  https://lpt.liepin.com/
              Telephone : 029-81877321-8123
              Mail :wanglin@si-top.com
              Address : A6 Building , Phase II, Software New City
              Development, Tiangu 8 Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an

               Join Us

              five social insurance and one housing fund

              Year-end bonus

              The Two-day Weekend

              High temperature

              Holiday welfare

              On-the-job training

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              Fast Link

              Stock Code:835977


              Telephone:029-81877321  029-88830021
              Fax : 029-88830021
              Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Service Hotline : 4000296680
              Mail : si-top@si-top.com

              Address:A6 Building , Phase II, Software New City Development, Tiangu 8 Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an


              Sitech charging station


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