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              About Sitech

              Xi'an Sitech Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2006,
              and officially listed in the new three board in February
              2016 (stock abbreviation: Sitech Electric, stock code:
              835977), the Company focuses on the research and
              application of related technologies in the field of smart
              electricity services. The Company has accumulated more
              than ten years of professional technology in platform,
              process and data, and has formed a menu-type, full-
              industry chain service capability based on user needs.

               News Information

              On July 11, the 2019 (Xi'an) Industrial Internet Summit Forum with the theme of
              "Industrial Interconnected and Integrative Development" was successfully held

              at Shangri-La Hotel, Xi'an. As a representative enterprise of the industrial internet
              platform of the power industry, Sitech Electric was fortunate to be invited to attend
              the meeting and give the keynote speech. 

              On June 19th, under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Xin, the employee representative
              of Si-top Electric, carrying materials and love, went to the Shaanxi Alding Centre for
              Children of Incarcerated Parents to repair the lines and eliminate potential safety
              hazard of electricity for the children during the summer peak season. 

              Industrial interconnection and power distribution interconnection | heavy release of SmartSMO intelligent power distribution room

              Love in June with the dream 

               Corporate Culture

              Corporate Values

              Corporate Purpose

              Corporate Vision

              Corporate Spirit

              Work together to create a better future

              Grow with employees, customers, partners, and competitors

              Build a new company that is worthy
              of employee trust, respect, and
              social responsibility

              Integrity, focus, progressive, innovation

              Copyright © SITECH All Right Reserved 

              Fast Link

              Stock Code:835977


              Telephone:029-81877321  029-88830021
              Fax : 029-88830021
              Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Service Hotline : 4000296680
              Mail : si-top@si-top.com

              Address:A6 Building , Phase II, Software New City Development, Tiangu 8 Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an


              Sitech charging station


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