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               Safety Utilization of Electric Power, Smart Service

              Deep technology service provider for safety utilization of electric power


              Focus on providing smart substation and intelligent power distribution room system solution 













              Inspection Substations 




              Cloud Platform

              Cloud  device       Cloud data      Cloud business 




              Series Product of Plugging Material

              Waterproof, fireproof, moisture proof, dustproof ,anti-condensation

              SmartSMO Intelligent Power Distribution Room

              The comprehensive evaluation of station buildings, video scene analysis, operation   and   maintenance   strategies ,  intelligent  push  and  other   functions are realized. 

              Service System

              Online Monitoring

              Live Detection

              Power Test

              Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

              Value-added Service

              News Information


              Industrial interconnection and power distribution interconnection

              Love in June with the dream 

              School-enterprise inter-amalgamation and cooperation and mutual benefits

              On July 11, the 2019 (Xi'an) Industrial Internet Summit Forum with the theme of "Industrial Interconnected and Integrative Development" was successfully  held at    Shangri-La Hotel, Xi'an. As a representative enterprise of  the industrial internet platform of the power industry, Sitech Electric was fortunate to be invited to attend   the meeting and give the keynote speech. 

              On June 19th, under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Xin, the employee representative  of  Sitech  Electric,    carrying materials and love, went to the Shaanxi Alding Centre for Children of  Incarcerated  Parents to repair   the  lines  and  eliminate   potential safety  hazard  of   electricity  for  the  children  during  the  summer peak season. 

              On  April 22, 2019,  the  signing  ceremony   that  Xi'an Sitech Electric  Co., Ltd. and  Xi'an  University  of  Posts and   Telecommunications  cooperated   to  establish  a  joint    training   program   for    postgraduate   joint  training  stations  was held in Si-top Electric. 

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              Stock Code:835977


              Telephone:029-81877321  029-88830021
              Fax : 029-88830021
              Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Service Hotline : 4000296680
              Mail : si-top@si-top.com

              Address:A6 Building , Phase II, Software New City Development, Tiangu 8 Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an


              Sitech charging station


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